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neue Glider Beta: 1.4.5 RC2
Alt 14.06.2007
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neue Glider Beta: 1.4.5 RC2 - Posted: 14.06.2007

Ok, trying to get back to normal here, although there may be a huge announcement in the coming days (it's good if it unfolds).

For now, here's RC2 with some fairly big stuff. I tweaked Tripwire a bit to cache some stuff internally and also execute a better handshake with the Shadow driver, removing a brief window of exposure. Since Warden hasn't changed in awhile, this is moot, anyway, and the impact would have been very small. Still, I'm getting paranoid.

Bullets below. If you're seeing the druid bug described, run a tell or shoot me your Glider.log after it does the stupid thing where it stops using special moves.

Also, the global cooldown removal and spell lead delay stuff in here should help quite a bit, so if you're seeing that problem with the priest casting too fast, give this a whirl.
Shaman: moved over to new class structure, added some options. See help.
thanks to danbopes for help with initial coding on this one!
Rogue: moved over to new class structure, see help.
Druid: added trace code in distance correcting to help figure out why it sometimes stops special moves in cat form.
Added spell lead delay to config to allow a bit of fuzz for people bumping into spell-not-ready errors.
Tweaked Tripwire to hold on a bit tighter, removing a small exposure period during check.
Removed global cooldown from config.
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Alt 14.06.2007
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