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neue Glider Version: 1.4.6
Alt 16.06.2007
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neue Glider Version: 1.4.6 - Posted: 16.06.2007
Can't wait any longer on the Tripwire and other stuff, so here it is. I'm aware of some minor dangling issues with shaman and rogue, but they're functional enough to stop risking 1.4.4 in production.

Biggest changes are the Tripwire stuff, a bit smarter shadow driver that sees orphan copies of the game and stops the stupid warning, and some awfully nifty Vista security with UAC. I'm not a huge fan of Vista and it runs a bit slower with all the glassy stuff turned on... but the bottom line is that this is a big security improvement. Running 1.4.6 or newer on Vista is the most secure setup you can have. It closes down a lot of possible trickery. I'll be updating the safe settings post next.

If you're already running Vista, you're probably used to starting Launchpad as admin, either by disabling UAC completely or just right-clicking it and selecting "Run as administrator". With 1.4.6, you won't want to do that. Launchpad will complain and guide you to the right spot in the help file if you don't do what it wants, so just pay attention to what it says.

Actual version notes are here:

If you recently turned off NetCheck to get around annoyances yesterday, don't forget to turn it back on.

Download link:
As usual, you can download it directly here if you want to bypass Launchpad's update process or otherwise roll back to this version sometime in the future:

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