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Neue Glider Beta 1.5.0 RC7
Alt 22.08.2007
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Neue Glider Beta 1.5.0 RC7 - Posted: 22.08.2007
We're close to release. This is mostly bug-fixes, but some of the bugs are big.

* Fixed likely cause of hanging on "Open file dialog" when selecting profiles - hooray!
* Fixed bug in Launchpad getting confused about the accounts dropdown.
* Fixed sneaky bug in Tripwire causing false reports to our server.

This is almost ready for release - if you can, grab this even if you aren't affected by any of the changes, since we want to test the Tripwire fix before going live... and I don't feel so bad if we blue-screen a few beta testers compared to a bunch of unsuspecting folks.

Download link:
wie immer hier http://forum.wowglider.de/topic,1937...-betas%29.html

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