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Neue Glider 1.5.2 beta RC11.
Alt 23.10.2007
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Neue Glider 1.5.2 beta RC11. - Posted: 23.10.2007
Argh, one more release candidate. I'm tempted to quick-launch this one, too, but I have some fresh scars from such foolishness... Anyway, RC11 changes:

* Added new GCreatureType enum and corresponding CreatureType property for GUnits. (see ndoc)
* Added patch notes for frickin' RC11, might be time to release.
* Added code to mage to only poly beasts and humanoids.
* Added filtering for pulls to skip critters, totems, and non-combat pets.
* Tweaked help file for mage to remove warning about poly, not needed any more.
* Tweaked walk loop to check harder for rest, helps avoid bad pulls after buffs on the run.

Download link:
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