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Neue Glider version 1.5.3!!
Alt 23.10.2007
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Neue Glider version 1.5.3!! - Posted: 23.10.2007
Also es gab mal wieder ein update

1.5.3 October 25, 2007

* Mage: only attempts polymorph on beasts and humanoids.
* Mage: tweaked config to allow life threshold for when panic shield (Ice Barrier, Mana Shield, etc) is cast.
* Warlock: tweaked drain channeling to switch over to Drain Soul better, gets shards more often.
* Hunter: major rework and simplification, added option for how many times to allow backup during combat.
* Warrior: tweaked pull-with-range to immediately run in if it detects monster is casting.
* Paladin: fixed default keymapping for Crusader Strike - oops!
* Paladin: wired Lay on Hands back in for panic situations.
* Rogue: tweaked approach code to not blacklist so quickly.
* Rogue: fixed combat toggle while waiting out Gouge before Backstab - oops!
* Major rework of shadow driver, no bluescreens with multiple instances if configured properly with DriverName setting.
* Major rework of messaging between Glider and server, less autolocking on IP's, more autolocking on shared keys.
* Fixed various remote bugs when closing connections or closing Glider with outstanding connections.
* Fixed rest state detection in normal loop, will rest if suddenly need to (walking buff lowered mana, etc).
* Fixed autologin to navigate realm group tabs (Oceanic, US, etc).
* Fixed bug in Launchpad that would lose default account setting when adding a new account.
* Fixed autolog Elite complaint to actually check for autolog.
* Fixed retry logic in Glider after combat, makes rogues less suicidal when vanishing.
* Fixed sneaky deadlock in ReleaseSpin that was causing some Glider freezes.
* Fixed File... Open dialogs to specify proper window parent, should be less combative of some desktop mods.
* Fixed corpse-queueing code to wait for lootable, helps with bad stealthing and twitch-turning after kills.
* Tweaked keystroke injection to add a slight delay after sending returns, helps avoid chat spew.
* Tweaked chat.txt processing to require HandleChatTxt config value, helps avoid chat spew.
* Tweaked auto-add waypoints to turn off if you start gliding.
* Tweaked resurrection to be smarter after accepting and be tighter about distance.
* Tweaked server messaging to use internal HTTP stuff more often, falls back on fatware .NET stack less.
* Tweaked party glide to not require keys of followers.
* Added code to accept when looting bind-on-pickup items.
* Added /accountxx command-line handling to Launchpad for easy starting.
* Added GConfigWindow for custom classes to easily present their own config windows.
* Added profile wizard to simplify creation of new profiles.
* Added hidden setting for BarCharacters for non-English keyboards, no more en-US.xml tampering required.
* Added creature type logic to allow Glider and custom classes to read creature type (critter, demon, etc).
* Added cursor type logic to allow Glider and custom classes to read cursor type (vendor, mine, skin, herb, etc).
* Added Interact method to GNode so custom classes can click on mailboxes, etc (pun intended).
* Added logic to harvesting to use cursor type intelligently, mines much faster now.
* Added pull filter to never try to pull totems and critters, even if profile is setup badly.
* Added vendor waypoints and functionality to reload supplies, vendor junk, and buy ammo. (requires Elite)
* Added remote command: /grabmouse, used to engage mouse in background mode when not logged in.
* Added "Elite" line in /version command for remote.
* Added remote commands /getgamews and /setgamews to manipulate game window state.
* Added remote command /escapehi to toggle escaping of hi-bit characters in chat and names.

viel spaß bim übersetzen ^^

hf Roa
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